Limits: Restriction on Volume of Transactions

User must stick to all restrictions regardless of whether they are set technically.

User can apply custom limits to the Yandex.Money account. For instance, forbid certain types of transactions.

Wallet's balance₽15,000
Adding money₽15,000 per transaction
Debit transactions₽15,000 per transaction
Transfer of e-money(between Wallets)

Transaction forbidden (anonymous users cannot accept and make transfers of e-money)

Payments at international stores

Transaction unavailable


Limits are applied jointly. NBCO can additionally set other limits.

Yandex.Money’s partners may set their own limits.

Adding money via Alfa-Click₽30,000 per day
Debit transactions
Payments for mobile services
Payments from a bank card linked with your Wallet₽15,000 per transaction, ₽20,000 per day
Transactions with Yandex.Money cards
Cash withdrawal

Transaction unavailable

Quasi-cash transactions(МССs of transactions: 4829, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6534),MasterCard MoneySend transfer(МСС of outgoing transaction: 6538, 6540)

Transaction unavailable