Campaigns, and promo codes
Types of campaigns
You can create ad campaigns for websites: when a user redeems a promo code on a website (codeOnline) or receives a bonus via a special link (promo). There is a special type of campaigns for retail outlets where the user provides the seller with a printed promo or barcode (codeOffline).
With promo code for the website (codeOnline)
YooMoney service shows the promo code for the discount to the user, then redirects them to your website. The user enters the promo code in a special field (for example, when placing an order) and receives a discount or bonus. The promo code can be reusable (i.e. same for all users) or single-use (unique for each user).
This type of campaign must be sent with:
  • promo code (single-use or reusable);
  • address of the link for redirecting the user (acceptUrl).
With a tracking link (promo)
The user goes to your store using a special link (acceptUrl) and automatically receives a discount or bonus. You do not need to send promo codes with this method.
With promo code for the retail outlet (codeOffline)
The user receives a promo or barcode, then shows it to the seller in your retail outlet to get a discount or bonus.
In this case, only a promo code is needed (single-use or reusable). It can be sent as a unique code made of letters and digits (pinDisplayType=text) or as a barcode (pinDisplayType=ean_13).
Types of promo codes
Promo codes can be single-use and reusable.
A single-use promo code (pinType=one-off) can only be used once. This means that each new user must be provided with a new unique code. In this case, you need to upload a list of promo codes using the campaigns/add-pins method.
A reusable promo code (pinType=reusable) can be used an indefinite amount of times, so all users of the YooMoney service will get the same code. In this case, the promo code is specified in the couponCode parameter.
A promo code can be displayed as a word, code, or barcode (the attribute responsible for this is pinDisplayType).
If it equals text, you can specify any set of characters in the couponCode field. The user will enter these symbols on your website or show them to the seller, then get a discount.
If pinDisplayType=ean_13, in the couponCode field you will need to specify 13 digits that the YooMoney service will use as the basis for generating the barcode to be shown to the user. This barcode will provide the user with a discount.