Offer display
The YooMoney service generates a banner to display to the user, based on the specified algorithm and the data you provided. You need to send the data using the campaigns/create method. Banner designs may differ slightly, but the basic principles remain.
General requirements
  • Your logo is placed at the top and in the center of the banner: for mobile devices and in mailboxes, we use PNG format (merchantLogoPng parameter), for desktops, SVG (merchantLogoSvg parameter).
  • The background of the banner is filled in with the color specified in the “Color” field (backgroundСolor parameter).
  • The image that you sent in the application (set in the “Background” image field) is placed in the background of the banner. If the field is empty, the background image will be selected to match the category of your offer.
  • The discount amount with the percent sign (if the discount type is percent), the ruble sign (if it’s fix), and without additions (if it’s text) is placed at the center of the banner.
  • The copy from the “Offer description” field (description parameter) is placed at the bottom of the banner.
  • The font color is taken from the “Text color” field (fontColor parameter).
If the user clicks on the banner, they can read the terms of use of this offer (copy from the “Terms of use” field or the conditions parameter).
Other fields are not relevant for generating the banner.
Content requirements
It doesn’t matter how you send data for an advertising campaign (via API or the application form): in any case, you should follow these requirements.
In Russian.
Do not use
  • all capital letters (CapsLock);
  • exclamation marks;
  • Latin characters (with the exception of registered trademarks).
Template for conditions (recommended)
Скидка | Пин-код | Кодовое слово | Подарок действует до… на заказ… от… для…
Промокод действует до 12.04.2017 на первый заказ от 2 000 рублей.

Скидка действует на заказ электроники и бытовой̆ техники от 4 500 рублей.

Действует 5 дней на большинство товаров для сна.

Действует на первый заказ.

Не складывается с другими акциями.

Действует один раз.

Не действует на товары со скидками.

Действует 14 дней на покупки в интернет-магазине от 3 000 рублей.
Text color
  • Contrasting with the background
  • We recommend using the company’s branded colors.
Background color
  • Not white and not pale
  • Contrasting with the logo
  • We recommend using the company’s branded colors (if the logo is light, use darker shades, if it’s dark, use lighter shades)
Background image
  • JPG or PNG format
  • 500 × 500 px
  • Maximum 300 KB
  • Round logo in SVG format, 80 × 80 px
  • Round logo in PNG format, 240 × 240 px
  • No slogans or extra writing
  • Transparent background around the logo (for PNG)
  • viewBox attribute is specified (for SVG)
  • Maximum 100 KB
How to make a round logo
Use a graphic sign, if available. In this case, the name will be lower on the banner.
Logo with a graphic sign
If there is no graphic sign, you can use a shortened name (for example, an abbreviation).
Logo without a graphic sign
You can include the full name of the company in the circle, but it might be difficult to read.
Logo with the company’s full title