How to work with the offer program
You need to enter into a contract, apply for publication, then confirm the leads and send us reports.
Step 1. Enter into a contract
Read the conditions (For advertisers section). To enter into a contract, write to Our manager will contact you and tell you about the next steps.
Step 2. Create an offer
Decide what the offer will look like. More about requirements for offers
Decide how users will receive bonuses as well as how you will count the leads and determine that the users came via YooMoney. There are two options: promo codes or tracking links.
Promo codes
Marked link and clickId
Generate a set of unique promo codes that users can get a bonus with.
Create a template for promo codes. For example, ymoffer12345, where 12345 is the unique number. This promo code’s format will help you determine that the user came via our offer program.
Save your used promo codes and send us your lead information in the reports.
Step 3. Apply for publication
  1. Contact the manager at and ask for access to the API of the offer program.
  2. Implement interaction using this API.
  3. Check the requirements for offer contents.
  4. Create an ad campaign using the campaigns/create method.
The campaign will go to moderation (moderation status).
Step 4. Complete the moderation process
Moderator checks the campaign:
Everything is all right
Moderator will launch the campaign or it will start on a schedule (on the date specified in the campaignStart parameter).
Edits required
  1. Campaign status will change to declined, and you’ll receive an email from the moderator with comments on required tweaks and fixes.
  2. Make the edits and update the campaign: send the campaigns/update request with new data and the same partnerCampaignId.
  3. The campaign will again go to moderation.
Step 5. Upload promo codes (if required)
Only for campaigns with promo codes: the campaign will not start if it does not have promo codes, and it will stop once it runs out of promo codes (pin-required status). Upload promo codes using the campaigns/add-pins method, and the campaign will start automatically.
Step 6. Confirm leads during the campaign
Without confirmation, our algorithm will consider your campaign a failure. Use the campaigns/redeem method to confirm leads.
Step 7. Send reports about the campaign (once a month)
Based on the reports, the YooMoney will the create the certificates on services rendered. Reports must be submitted before the 10th day of the month.