General terms
Store is a legal entity that provides discounts and bonuses to YooMoney users.
Aggregator is a legal entity that sends the information about discounts and bonuses to the YooMoney service for several stores using this API.
User is an individual who can redeem discounts and bonuses.
YooMoney is the service that receives information about discounts via the API from aggregators and stores and displays it to users.
Campaign (or offer campaign) is an announcement containing the information about discounts or bonuses that YooMoney shows to the user.
Offer is a unique instance of the campaign provided to the user (tied to the campaign via a promo code or a link unique to the user).
Lead is an action performed by the user that becomes the basis for payment of remuneration under the advertising contract. Such actions include user following a special link, redeeming a promo code, filling out an application, ordering goods or services or paying for them, signing up on the website, and more.