Format of the tracking links
The user can get a bonus via the tracking link (used instead of the promo code or with it).
When the offer is issued in the YooMoney service, a unique click ID is added to this link: clickId. It must be saved and sent later in the notification about the use of the offer (see campaigns/redeem).
The link can include variables. The YooMoney service will substitute them for the values of the corresponding parameters in the link (in url-encoded form). Variables are sent in double curly brackets: {{variable}}
If you specify your tags in acceptUrl, your values will remain there.
Example of a link sent by default (if the campaign is created with a tracking link):
You can also send:
  • campaignId — campaign ID on the side of the store or aggregator;
  • ymCampaignId — campaign ID in the YooMoney service;
  • couponCode — promo code (to be redeemed by the user, either single-use or reusable);
  • currentDate — current date and time in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.sss] format according to ISO-8601.
Sample link template:{{campaignId}}&pin={{couponCode}}
As a result, you will get the correct URL. If this address can’t be reached, the user will not be able to get the coupon and will see an error message, and the campaign will be suspended.