Campaign statuses
Status code is returned in response to requests to the YooMoney service in the status field.
createdCreatedCampaign has been created but has not been launched yet.
moderationOn moderationCampaign is being verified, after the moderator finishes the verification process, they will change the status to verified or declined.
verifiedApprovedCampaign has been verified and it will be launched at the set time (specified in the campaignStart parameter).
declinedDeclinedCampaign has not been verified and it needs to be updated. Requirements are provided in the comments from the manager.
pin-requiredNo promo codesCampaign has run out of promo codes, you need to upload them using the campaigns/add-pins method.
startedActiveCampaign is launched, users can save and redeem offers.
pausedStoppedCampaign was put on hold by the store. The store can get start it again.
finishedArchivedThe campaign is over and it does not work anymore.