YooMoney’s Fundraising API
YooMoney has a service for fundraising. This tool is for everyone who wants to raise money for personal purposes: for instance, for joint purchases and gifts or personal projects.
Using this API, you can make a custom form for fundraising and configure HTTP notifications for it.
You can create a widget or button using the construction kit and embed it into a website or blog.
If you need additional features or a custom design, create your own form using this API. Using this API, you can:
  • receive transfers to your YooMoney wallet: from bank cards or YooMoney wallets,
  • receive notifications about these transfers.
How to use it
Creating widget or button in the construction kit
  1. Create a widget or button using the construction kit.
  2. Embed the HTML code into your website.
  3. Enable notifications about transfers: via email or HTTP notifications.
Information about the fundraiser you started will be displayed on your fundraisers page.
Custom form
  1. Create a form using the API.
  2. Enable HTTP notifications.
  3. Configure how notifications are received.
Detailed guide
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