YooMoney wallet API
The wallet API allows individuals to use the functionality of the YooMoney for Shopping service:
  • send and receive money transfers and make payments from a bank card or a YooMoney wallet;
  • request information about the wallet: balance and transaction history;
  • receive HTTP notifications about transfers.
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About payments from wallets
You only need to get the user’s permission once to access the Wallet (standard OAuth).
How it works:
  1. The app requests the permissions you need. For example, to make recurring direct debits.
  2. The user is sent to our site and confirms access for the app.
Done! You can deduct money and request data without the participation of the user.
How to get started
  1. Read the Agreement on using the API.
  2. Register your app in the YooMoney wallet API.
  3. Implement interaction over this Protocol.
  4. Start accepting payments from bank cards or electronic wallets.