Payments from the YooMoney wallet
Payments from a user’s wallet via the API are used for:
  • payment of goods and services and transfers to other users from the account or associated bank card;
  • making scheduled payments and one-click payments.
Payment scenario
  1. Payments are processed based on the Payment Pattern with user parameters specified. Each merchant has its own set of user parameters. The application must show the user (buyer) a form requesting the payment parameters that are required by this merchant, such as the payment amount, phone number, contract number, and so on.
  2. The application sends a payment request containing the Payment Pattern ID and the parameters entered by the user. The YooMoney server checks the payment parameters and verifies that payments can be made to the merchant, then returns the payment request ID and additional information about the payment.
  3. The application shows the payment information to the buyer, and the buyer is to approve or reject the payment.
  4. If the buyer confirmed the payment, the application sends a request to confirm payment specifying the ID of the request received earlier using the request-payment method.
  • The funds are withdrawn from the buyer’s account when the process-payment method is called.
  • If the process-payment call is repeated with the same parameters, the method returns the state of the previous call.
  • If the connection is lost or times out, or there are other network problems, the application must repeat the request with the same parameters.
Possible types of payment