Payment forms for purchasing products and services
The API is intended for working with payment forms. You can use it to:
  • request descriptions of payment forms;
  • verify data entered by a buyer;
  • get parameters for calling payment functions from a YooMoney wallet.
For example, you can use this API to transfer money to any Russian company using the bill payment form: pattern-id=5551.
Payment forms can be basic or multistep.
Multistep forms are for implementing dynamic user services, when the service’s subsequent actions depend on the information entered by the buyer.
From the technical viewpoint, the API is a tool for working with documents on a remote server over the HTTP/1.1 (RFC-7231) protocol.
The client behavior corresponds to browser behavior when working with internet resources.
Client authorization is not required for accessing the API.
The payment form description is available in various languages: the desired language can be specified in the request. By default, the Russian description is loaded.
Payment form usage scenarios:
  1. The form description is downloaded and shown to the buyer.
  2. The buyer fills in the form.
  3. The form is sent to the server for verification:
    • if the data entered by the buyer is valid, the server returns a set of payment parameters;
    • if errors are found, the server returns a list of errors and the payment form as filled in by the buyer.
Descriptions of basic single-step forms can be cached on the client side.
The description of the form fields contains rules for checking the values entered by the buyer. The client should check the contents of the form fields against these rules before sending the form data to the server.