Operation-details method
Provides detailed information about a particular operation from the history.
Required permissions: operation-details.
operation_idstringOperation ID. The value of the parameter should be set like the value of the operation_id parameter from the operation-history method response; if the buyer’s account history is being requested, it should be like the payment_id value from the process-payment method response.
Request example
POST /api/operation-details HTTP/1.1
Host: yoomoney.ru
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 20

The method returns the following parameters:
errorstringError code, present only if an error occurred.
operation_idstringOperation ID. The value of the parameter corresponds to either the value of the operation_id parameter from the operation-history response, or, if the buyer’s account history is being requested, the value of the payment_id field from the process-payment response.
statusstringStatus of the payment (transfer). The parameter value matches the value of the status field in the response to the operation-history method.
pattern_idstringPayment Pattern ID. Present only for payments.
Direction of financial transaction. Can take the values:
  • in (income);
  • out (expenditure).
amountamountAmount of the operation (amount deducted from the account).
amount_dueamountAmount to receive. Present for outgoing transfers to other users.
feeamountCommission amount. Present for outgoing transfers to other users.
datetimedatetimeOperation timestamp (date and time).
titlestringBrief description of the operation (usually contains the merchant name or source of deposit).
senderstringAccount number that funds were transferred from. Present for incoming transfers from other users.
recipientstringIdentifier of the transfer recipient. Present for outgoing transfers to other users.
Type of ID used for the transfer recipient. Possible values:
  • account — recipient’s account number in YooMoney;
  • phone — recipient’s linked mobile phone number;
  • email — recipient’s email address.
Present for outgoing transfers to other users.
messagestringMessage for the transfer recipient. Present for transfers to other users.
commentstringComments on the transfer or deposit. Present in the history of the transfer sender or the deposit recipient.
labelstringThe payment label. Exists for incoming and outgoing transfers to other YooMoney users that had the label parameter set for the request-payment call.
detailsstringDetailed payment description. String in any format that may contain any symbols or line feeds. Optional parameter.
typestringThe type of operation. For possible types of operations, see the description of the operation-history method.
digital_goodsobjectData about a digital product (PIN codes and bonuses for games, iTunes, XBox, etc). This field is present for a successful payment to merchants of digital goods. For a description of the format, see the section Digital goods
Response example for payment to a merchant
  "operation_id": "1234567",
  "status": "success",
  "pattern_id": "2904",
  "amount": 500.00,
  "direction": "out",
  "datetime": "2011-07-11T20:43:00.000+04:00",
  "title": "Payment for ADSL access to the company My Provider",
  "details": "Prepayment for ADSL internet access to the company ООО \"XXX\"\nSubscriber account number: \n1234567/89\nAmount: 500.00\nTransaction number: 2000002967767",
  "type": "payment-shop"
Example response for an outgoing transfer to another user
  "operation_id": "1234567",
  "status": "success",
  "pattern_id": "p2p",
  "direction": "out",
  "amount": 50.25,
  "datetime": "2011-07-11T20:43:00.000+04:00",
  "title": "Transfer to account 4100123456789",
  "recipient": "4100123456789",
  "recipient_type": "account",
  "message": "Buy bagels",
  "comment": "Transfer from YooMoney user",
  "codepro": false,
  "details": "Recipient account:\n4100123456789\nAmount: 50.00 RUB",
  "type": "payment-shop"
Error codes
If an error occurs, its code is returned:
illegal_param_operation_idInvalid value for the operation_id parameter.
All other valuesTechnical error; call the method again later.
Response example for nonexistent operation request
 "error": "illegal_param_operation_id"