Transfer via Unistream

You can transfer money across Russia and to other countries. But firstly, you need to complete identification: push the button and select the method you like.

Conditions of transferring money

No more than 300,000 Р per day.

Specify the recipient's paternal name (if available), or they won't be able to collect the transfer.

To other countries (including within Russia)—6 transfers, but no more than 1,000,000 Р per day and 20 transfers, but no more than 1,000,000 Р per 30 days.

In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, China, if the transfer was sent from Russia:

Maximum of 3 transfers per days and 10 transfers (no more than 500,000 Р) per 30 days.

Проверьте данные получателя

Внимательно проверьте реквизиты, на которые отправляете перевод. Если деньги уйдут не тому человеку, нет никаких гарантий, что их получится вернуть.