Информация о состоянии счета

Your available balance can be found at the top of every page of our site. Click it to view a link to the page with information about your funds that are currently unavailable.


Available Balance

Here you can only keep amounts that do not exceed the following limits:

  • anonymous users: 15,000 rubles;

  • reviewed users: 60,000 rubles;

  • identified users: 500,000 rubles.

This is a requirement of the law ‘On the National Payment System’.

All funds exceeding your balance limit is found under the section ‘Pending deposits’.

Complete identification


Pending Deposits

The sum of pending deposits that exceed your balance limit can be found in this section. These deposits will be automatically credited to your account as soon as space becomes available.

Let's say, for example, that you're an anonymous user and you add 20,000 rubles to your account. Of that sum, 15,000 is your available balance and 5,000 is waiting in the queue of ‘Pending Deposits’ for 7 days and then return to the sender. If you make a payment of 3,000 rubles, then the same amount—3,000 rubles—will be moved from your pending deposits to your available balance.


Reserved for Pending Transfers

This section shows all your transfers with security codes and hold-for-pickup transfers that have not been collected by the recipients. Additionally, regular transfers between Wallets may be found here, if the recipient doesn't have enough space on his or her account to accept the transfer. A transfer that has not been accepted will be reserved on your account until it is claimed by the recipient or until it expires.

For instance, you sent a transfer to a reviewed account, but that account is full. The transfer amount will be reserved for 7 days to give the recipient time to free up space in the Wallet. Otherwise, the money will remain on your account.

View unaccepted payments


Blocked Funds

This sums were blocked by order of a state authority. For example, by a court mandate. If your money is blocked, and you don't know why, write to our Support Service.

Contact our Support Service



In this section, you can see what debt you owe. You can end up with debt when you pay from a YooMoney MasterCard. The following reasons are possible:

  1. A technical error occurred. If you're sure your debt is not related to anything you've done, contact our Support Service.

  2. You've paid an amount that exceeded your balance. This is possible when you pay via payment kiosk or other device that doesn't check the card's available balance.

  3. The exchange rate changed after you paid but before MasterCard's system processed the payment.

In order to pay off your debt, simply add money to your account in the amount of the debt.

Add money to your account

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