A service where you can pay and receive money.

You can pay almost for everything—from mobile phone servicing to any stuff in Chinese online stores. Pay with bank card, in cash, or start a wallet.

We have special forms and buttons for accepting payments and transfer to a wallet. For sole proprietors and corporations, we offer Yandex.Checkout: money is credited to a checking account.

Right now, you can pay for mobile service, internet service, and home utilities, check for outstanding traffic fines, or send money to any corporation or sole proprietor in Russia.

Use your bank card for paying. If you don't have a card, choose cash: we will create a payment code, with which you can pay in cash via a payment kiosk.

Proceed to payments and purchases

With your bank card, you can also make a transfer to any YooMoney account or to any other bank card.

Transfer money from a card

Our Wallet makes payments easier: you don't need to specify bank card details all the time or go to payment kiosks.

You can link your card to your wallet: you will pay directly from it. If you don't have a card, add cash money to your wallet or use any other method. Then pay when you want or activate autopayments for important payments.

The Wallet allows the following:
     — check date, time, and other details of any operation;
     — issue new bank card, MasterCard YooMoney. This card shares common balance with the Wallet,
     — activate notifications about GIBDD traffic fines and pay them right away via text messages,
     — create a page with image and collect money for a joint gift.

And about bonuses: we are carrying out campaigns with our partners all the time.

If you are to receive transfer form another person, share the link to your fundraising page on YooMoney (every wallet has this page). Or you can share your wallet number and offer suitable payment methods.

If you have a site or blog, create a payment form or button for it.

For those, who raise money for a good deed or present, we recommend a special page with image.

Yandex Payment Solution allows accepting payments through a site or without it and to make payouts to clients.

For instance, online stores and charity funds can accept bank cards, e-wallets, cash via 250 thousand payment kiosks, and direct carrier billing.

We also offer special solutions for marketplaces and microfinance organizations.

Corporations and sole proprietors may sign up for our Payment Solution.

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