Yandex.Money Launches Debit Card

Moscow, April 17, 2012.

Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) today announced the launch of Yandex.Money cards for its customers. Users of Yandex.Money, the largest electronic payment system in Russia, can obtain a free MasterCard debit card to make payments both online and offline using funds in their Yandex.Money accounts.

The Yandex.Money card is accepted worldwide. Holders of the card can pay in stores, restaurants and anywhere else where MasterCard is accepted. Using the Yandex.Money card is especially convenient while travelling, as it allows its owner to use only the money on their Yandex.Money account and leave their other cards at home. Additionally, customers who receive money in their Yandex.Money account are no longer limited to spending these funds only on internet purchases. Authenticated Yandex.Money customers can now withdraw cash from ATMs using a PIN that is available upon request.

“Yandex.Money now takes a leap from the internet to the offline world. Instead of carrying cash in your wallet, you can now have a Yandex.Money card to do your shopping offline as safely as you do it online. Yandex.Money is a convenient way to pay anywhere you go,” says Natalia Khaitina, deputy CEO of Yandex.Money.

The Yandex.Money card is issued for a three-year period with no service or transaction fees, other than a cash withdrawal fee of 3% plus 15 rubles. Users can easily track their transactions at the Yandex.Money website or via text alerts.

The debit card is available to any Yandex.Money customer anywhere in the world and can be ordered at the Yandex.Money website. It will be sent as a special delivery. The Yandex.Money card is issued by the company’s partner bank, Tinkoff Credit Systems.