Yandex.Money: Now Available on iPad

February 22, 2013

Today the App Store began featuring Yandex.Money’s app for iPad. The app allows users to pay for thousands of goods and services, like internet, loans, and utility bills. It’s also handy for topping up your cell phone or Skype account and for sending transfers to other users. All these transactions are easy to make on tablets, which are a convenient option for staying connected while travelling.

The app features user-friendly navigation. No matter what a user is doing, be it paying a bill or transferring money to her relatives in another city, she can quickly return to the beginning of the process. Payment forms always open in a separate window. To go back (e.g. to the store catalogue or your transaction history), you just need to close the window. Important payments can be added to the Favorites section, after which they’ll appear on the homepage and can be repeated within seconds.

The embedded Yandex.Maps tool shows the nearest place to add money and includes filters such as commission free deposits. Plus, users can link a bank card to their Wallet right from the app and use it to make payments. After doing so, they don’t have to add money to their account anymore or enter the card’s details at online stores.