Yandex.Money and Svyaznoy: No More Commission

September 4, 2013

Starting today, users can add cash to their Yandex.Money accounts at any Svyaznoy store commission free.

The new method of commission free deposits is available for Yandex.Money users all over Russia. Svyaznoy, the mobile phone retailer, has 3,350 trading outlets and 4,700 payment kiosks in 900 cities all across the country.

At Svyaznoy, users have two options of adding money to their Yandex.Money accounts: at the register with the help of a salesperson or at payment kiosks by themselves. In both cases money is credited immediately.

“In Russia, cash is the most popular method of adding money to e-wallets. We’re thrilled to partner with Svyaznoy in offering our users another way to top up commission free. This service will be in high demand,” says Dmitry Danilenko, Yandex.Money’s Commercial Director.

“About 2 million people come to our stores daily. All of them find it convenient to get various services ‘from one storefront’. Commission free deposits to Yandex.Money accounts are yet another plus we offer our clients. As a result, we expect more customers to be frequenting our stores soon”, says Daniil Pokolodny, Financial Operations Director of the Svyaznoy Group.

Yandex.Money is constantly introducing new methods of adding money commission free. For example, since June 2013 users have had the option of adding money to their accounts commission free from any bank card at Sberbank ATMs. Other methods of adding money without fees are also popular among users.