Yandex.Money—to the Banks of the World

October 18, 2012

Users can now transfer Yandex.Money to a bank account in any country except the US (transfers to US bank accounts will be possible in the near future).

This option is available to all identified users. Using this service, you can pay for anything from cooking courses at a Buenos Aires culinary school to sports gear rentals for your vacation in the Philippines. You can also send money to your relatives, colleagues, or friends abroad.

Users simply need to specify the recipient’s country, banking details, and the currency of the account. Money will be credited within a few business days. Commission is 3% plus 15 rubles.

Yandex.Money’s audience is becoming more and more international. Non-Russian users buy digital content, online games and advertising, and paid options on social networks. For this reason, Yandex.Money is focusing on developing new services for that user segment. For example in August of this year, Yandex.Money announced a new option that allows users to add money to Yandex.Money e-wallets from bank accounts in any country.