Quick Payments from Yandex Search

September 2, 2014

New “wizards” have appeared in Yandex Search, allowing users to make payments without leaving the search results page. One of the wizards helps users browse and purchase tickets to the cinema, another enables users to pay for traffic fines. The wizards eliminate the need to go to the bank or use any special service. Users can do everything directly through the search engine.

The new wizards appear for relevant searches queries. For example, users can buy tickets to see [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] or pay [GIBDD traffic fines]. Anyone can buy a ticket or pay a fine; logging in to Yandex is not required. Users just fill out the form in the interactive window on the search results page. Users can use a bank card to purchase movie tickets, while fines can be paid using funds from either a bank card or a Yandex.Money account. Data entry and the transaction itself occurs on secure pages to ensure the privacy of payment information.

Several other wizards have been launched that can assist users in making everyday transaction via the Local Payments service. These wizards allow users to pay for internet, telephone, and other utility services. Later, these wizards will be enhanced if they prove to be popular.