Microsoft and Yandex.Money announce a payment app for Lumia

July 1, 2015

Microsoft starts providing users of Lumia in Russia with the payment application of Yandex.Money, a leading payment service in the country.

Yandex.Money app allows users to pay for different services without even signing up. These services include phone top-up, internet, utility bills, taxes, fines, etc. Users can also make transfers and pay for purchases, which they did on online stores. The application will be available on Lumia smartphones this summer after the update of Windows Phone 8.

“The fact that on Lumia in Russia there will be a payment application of Yandex.Money means that users do not need to think about what application they should better use to pay for services or make transfers via mobile,” said Head of Mobile Yandex.Money Iliya Leyrikh. “In total, Yandex.Money app allows users to pay for all most popular services in Russia.”

“Yandex.Money applications are very secure, they are also popular among Russian users, therefore, Microsoft has decided to pre-install one of them on its smartphones for Russian audience,” said Alexey Zenkov, Head of Sales Department, Microsoft Mobile Devices. “New Yandex.Money app on Lumia provides users of our smartphones new options to pay for services from anywhere in the world.”

Apart from Yandex.Money application, the service has also two separated apps—Yandex.Transfers and Yandex.Fines. The total number of installations of Yandex.Money apps is 2 million.