Yandex.Money Helps Travelers Convert Leftover Foreign Currency into Online Deposit

March 15, 2016

Travelers can now access their Yandex.Money e-wallets right form international airports using TravelersBox kiosks. These kiosks allow travelers to deposit their leftover foreign coins and bills to their Yandex.Money e-wallets before departing for their home country.

Currently, TravelersBox stations operate in Milan (Italy), Toronto (Canada), Manila (Philippines), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Tbilisi (Georgia), and very soon will be launching in Japan and India.

Travelers select Yandex.Money from the screen of the kiosk, log in to their e-wallets, and insert their leftover money. TravelersBox will convert foreign currency into whatever currency the user's Yandex.Money e-wallet is in. The exchange rate is determined by the local bank's official rate on the day of the deposit. Once a user completes the transaction, he receives an email confirmation with instructions for redeeming the deposit. After the redeem process is complete, the money becomes available to the user within 48 hours.

TravelersBox fee may vary based on the location, transaction amount, and service. It start at 5%, and 1% is Yandex.Money's fee.

“TravelersBox already has 75 kiosks in six countries and plans to launch 150 more kiosks this year in other countries, which means that now Yandex.Money will be available offline for more tourists in even more international locations,” said CEO TravelersBox Tomer Zussman.

“Yandex.Money hosts 25 million user accounts with about 12,000 new accounts opened daily. They offer users 170,000 cash-acceptance points across Russia and the CIS. Thanks to TravelersBox, Yandex.Money account holders now have the opportunity to deposit their leftover currency to their e-wallets when traveling overseas in Manchester, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Milan and other cities worldwide,” said Anna Kuzmina, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer at Yandex.Money.