Yandex.Money Studied How Customers Make Payments Online

May 31, 2016

Yandex.Money took a look at how online payment behavior differs among particular groups of customers, breaking their groups down by gender, occupation, mobile platform, and state of indebtedness. Data collection was arranged through the Yandex’s own technology Crypta. Crypta can distinguish clusters according to categories of customers by relying on their online behavior. Data included information about payments that users made via e-wallet, linked bank cards, and the Yandex.Money MasterCard (Yandex.Money has issued more than 400,000 physical bank cards and 10 million virtual cards).


Mobile Platform (iOS, Android)

The average payment amount made from an iOS smartphone or tablet is 21% more than from Android platforms. However, on average, Android users make four more payments per year than iOS users. Parallel to this, Android users are more likely to pay for computer games via e-wallet than iOS users (20% vs 17% of all Yandex.Money e-wallet users). Money transfers occur at the same level of frequency: 40% of online payments for users of either system are money transfers. In terms of share of spending, iOS and Android users both spend 20% of their online budgets on money transfers.



Users that have an outstanding loan spend 16% less online than those who have no loans. However, they still complete the same number of transactions. And 40% of each category of user prefers paying online by e-wallet. In addition, 20% of every group of users’ share of transactions through Yandex.Money is made up of money transfers.


Women and Men

Users’ practices in payments differ significantly by gender. Women make online payments 1.5 times as often as men. Women also make larger purchases online --- 15% more than men --- and are more likely to do their shopping at night (55% and 46% of transactions, respectively).Transfers are more popular among women than men (money transfers make up 23% and 19% of all online transactions, respectively). Interestingly, both categories of users make purchases using their Yandex.Money cards more often than bank cards linked to their e-wallet --- women make 5% and 12%, respectively, and men 6% and 12%. All other payments are made directly via their e-wallet balance.



Office workers make online payments twice as often as unemployed or students. Money transfers are the most popular among office workers (42%), followed by students (40%), and, finally, unemployed (37%).