Mediascope: Russian Users Prefer to Pay Via Mobile Applications

May 16, 2017

Mediascope research company (former TNS) has studied how Russian users make electronic payments. The results revealed that the popularity of mobile payments has grown significantly compared to last year. 60% more users prefer to pay using applications rather than the mobile versions of websites. The percentage of users who prefer contactless payments does not exceed 8.6%.

What kind of goods and services do Russians pay for via the Internet

In general, online payments have become entrenched in daily routine of the majority of respondents: 91.5% of Russian Internet users pay for goods and services online. 85.7% of respondents pay using computers and laptops, 68.3% use smartphones.

Despite the fact that most users still pay via desktop, the percentage of those who pay for goods and services from mobile devices is growing rapidly. Compared to last year, 8.6% more respondents used smartphones to make money transfers, 5.8% more respondents used smartphones to pay taxes and traffic fines, and 5.3% more respondents used smartphones to pay for utility services.

More users pay via mobile applications than the mobile versions of websites. Not only does this apply to online purchases, cellular networks and money transfers, but also to personal services: for example, 31% of users pay for utility and housing services via applications, and only 16.4% pay using mobile versions of websites.

Most popular payment methods: online banking, bank cards and e-wallets

Most often, respondents made payments using online banking (83%), bank cards (82.8%) and electronic money (66.3%). Contactless payment systems, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, are not as popular yet (8.6%), being used mostly for online shopping, food delivery, housing services, cellular networks, and money transfers.

The three most popular methods of online payment are Sberbank Online, bank cards and Yandex.Money.

A lot of payment services have their own applications for smartphones or mobile versions of websites. Users often pay the same way using either applications or mobile websites.



About the study:

Mediascope (former TNS) conducted the study in February and March of 2017. The online survey involved Russians in the 18-55 age range from cities with a population of more than 700 thousand people (in six federal districts) and cities of the Far Eastern Federal District with a population of more than 600 thousand people. Respondents use the Internet at least once a week.


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