Yandex.Checkout facilitates frictionless payments via updated mobile SDK

July 13, 2018

Yandex.Checkout has updated its mobile SDK―the tool for providing businesses with friction-free payment methods in their Android and iOS mobile apps. Yandex.Checkout becomes a pioneer among Russia’s payment providers to introduce such a feature.

Yandex.Checkout’s SDK already allows accepting payments with banking cards and e-wallets, and now it includes mobile payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Sberbank Online Mobile Bank. This feature is highly useful for merchants who intend to offer contactless payment methods to their customers. Sberbank Online payments are extremely popular in Russia, and Yandex.Checkout’s SDK provides companies with the opportunity to accept them as well.

Yandex.Checkout launched mobile SDK facilitating frictionless payments within a single window interface of Android and iOS apps. For example, in case of a payment via Yandex.Money, user simply needs to enter the login and password of the e-wallet, and mobile SDK will ensure a seamless transaction from its balance, leading to the one-step checkout.

Yandex.Checkout’s SDK is an open-source software licensed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). SDK code may be edited in order to customize user interface according to merchants’ guidelines. The source code can be downloaded from GitHub (Apple Pay and Google Pay), the service for web hosting and joint development of IT projects. It helps businesses to integrate SDK into mobile apps quickly and easily.

Companies do not need to obtain the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification to use SDK, as Yandex.Checkout provides it in full compliance with its standards. Mobile SDK is a part of Yandex.Checkout’s new technological platform launched in November 2017.


About Yandex.Chekout

Yandex.Checkout is the leading service for accepting online payments in Russia, according to a 2018 survey by MARC. Yandex.Checkout received the Emerging Payment Award at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference (Berlin) in 2017. With this payment solution, merchants from all over the world can offer Russian consumers the online payment methods most popular among Russians and CIS-citizens: bank cards, e-wallets, mobile phones, and cash via mobile retailers and payment kiosks (there are over 250 thousand cash-acceptance points all over CIS). Currently, more than 90,000 online stores across the globe use Yandex.Checkout.

Yandex.Checkout was launched by Yandex.Money in 2013. Yandex.Money is the joint venture of search engine Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX), and Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia. Yandex.Money also offers consumers easy, safe, and reliable methods of paying online on its own site and mobile app. The service hosts about 35 million user accounts. Yandex.Money is the largest electronic payments service in Russia, according to a 2017 survey by Mediascope.