Transition to YooMoney: how and why

Nothing is going to be lost: your money, cards, history, or settings. Just one thing: if you're currently using in-app codes for confirming transactions, we'll automatically change it to text message codes for you (they're free).

The card will continue working as usual until it expires: even if you just ordered it and there's still three years before its expiration date. After that, you'll be able to order a card with the new name and design.

You can enter any email address: the most important thing is that you have access to it. Your email address is required for signing in, access recovery (if you forget your password), and notifications about transactions.

Looks like you enter a Yandex account that doesn't have a wallet (maybe you have multiple accounts?). If you’re sure it was the right account, contact us.

It means that there are multiple wallets linked to your phone number. If you see something unfamiliar, there can be two reasons: 1) you registered these accounts so long ago that you don’t remember it now, 2) someone who used your phone number before you did it.

On the sign-in page, we show which accounts are already signed for YooMoney and which aren't.

No, now you need your email address or phone number for signing in to the wallet. If you haven't linked them before, we'll ask you to do it (when you'll be switching from Yandex.Money to YooMoney).

Yes, if it fits the following criteria:

  • at least 8 characters,

  • at least one uppercase letter,

  • at least one lowercase letter,

  • at least one number.

You can use the same phone number: up to 10 wallets per number.

You can't use the same email address: it must be unique for each wallet. That's how we identify wallets.

It’s better to switch in advance: after November 15, you won’t be able to sign in to the wallet under your Yandex username.

But your autopayments (and card) will continue working as usual as long as there's money on the account.


If you need help, contact us