For partners

We are always ready for cooperation. For instance, here are three important focus areas:

  • payment acceptance via YooMoney,

  • payment acceptance in favor of YooMoney,

  • Joint marketing campaigns

If you have other ideas, please tell us about it in details:

Payment acceptance via YooMoney

YooMoney allows for accepting payments to company accounts and our Wallets. The clients can transfer money to you using their bank cards, Wallets, and other methods.

The set of payment methods and work conditions depend on the tool you choose.

Tools for accepting money

Payment acceptance in favor of YooMoney

If you accept payments in favor of other companies, include 'Adding money to YooMoney Wallet' to the list of services you provide. We will post information about your company to our lists of partners.

For instance, in the following ones:

Transfer systems

Chains of payment kiosks

Online banks

Joint campaigns

For joint campaigns, we have a special Discounts and Bonuses section. Besides that, we support the most interesting campaigns with email marketing, banners on our site and in app, and other methods.

To suggest a campaign, tell us about it: