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Valid for 5 years, issued right after you sign up

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Virtual YooMoney card for online shopping

Instant cashback in bonus points. 1 point = 1 ₽

From 1% to 5%, depending on the selected categories

How cashback works
Up to 5% cashback in bonus points

Useful on unknown websites

A virtual card can be issued in a couple of seconds, used for a purchase, and then immediately canceled

Useful on unknown websites

Ready for online shopping right away

Suitable for taxi, online service subscriptions, tickets, and other purchases on Russian websites

Ready for online shopping right away

Additional security

  • Purchases via the card are protected with 3d-secure

  • Payments are only processed after your confirmation

  • Card details are stored in your wallet: only you can access them

  • Notifications about transactions are delivered instantly: via push notifications or text messages

Everything you need is in the app

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Transfer money without commission

Shop with cashback up to 5% in bonus points

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