Virtual YooMoney card

    Get a virtual card

    Important information about the card

    Commission and other conditions

    free of charge
    Adding money
    free of charge
    without commission
    Withdraw cash
    Google, Apple, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Кошелёк Pay, MiBand Pay
    3%, minimum 100 ₽
    Transfer to other card or e-wallet
    3%, minimum 100 ₽
    Expiration date
    1 year
    Cashback online
    1% for every purchase
    Cashback in the category of the month
    5% for every payment
    Cashback in other categories
    5% for every fifth payment
    Multicurrency support
    activated separately
    90 ₽ / month
    Withdrawing cash in currency
    if the Multicurrency cards package is activated

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