Яндекс.Деньги выяснили, как изменились летние траты россиян

9 September 2015

Yandex.Money compared users' online expenses made this and previous summer. We analyzed tens of million payments made on more than 75,000 Russian and non-Russian sites that accept payments via Yandex.Money or using several payment methods through Yandex Payment Solution.

The Russian users have always had a keen interest in the Chinese online stores. This summer it grows even bigger. Last summer a customer placed an average of 4 orders for the period from June to August, and this summer this criteria raised to 5 orders for the same time period. Altogether number of payments made via Yandex.Checkout on the Chinese sites has increased elevenfold.

The pattern is similar for the Russian online stores. Comparing to the last year average orders number for one customer raised from 2 to 5 for summer period, while average payment amount decreased by 10% to 1,400 rubles for payments via Yandex.Money and through Yandex Payment Solution.

Despite ruble depreciation, majority of users still stick with travelling. The number of users who bought train or plane tickets using Yandex.Money from June to August has raised by half, and the number of bought tickets has raised twofold. Average bill remained unchanged and amounts to 9,500 rubles for a plane ticket and 3,400 rubles for a train ticket.

Probably for avoiding issues with customs, the Russians were paying traffic fines, state duties, and tax debts in the summer much more actively when in the spring. Both number of payers and number of payments via Yandex.Money increased. Number of traffic fine payments raised by half, number of tax payments raised fourfold, and number of customs duties paid by individuals raised twofold comparing to the previous summer period.

Also the Russian users actively paid loans. Three times more Yandex.Money users paid their loans to banks this summer then the year before in the same period. Average loan payment increased as well: from 3,150 rubles to 4,600 rubles.

This research was conducted basing on the payments of the Russians through Yandex Payment Solution from e-wallets, with bank cards, from mobile phone accounts, online banking of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Promsvyazbank, and by cash via ATMs and mobile retail outlets. Altogether number of users that pay for goods and services via Yandex.Money and through Yandex Payment Solution has increased by 2.3 times from the last summer.