The most important questions about YooMoney

Things you need to know before creating a wallet

Is YooMoney a bank?

No, but we have a license of the Bank of Russia (No. 3510-K). We operate on the same terms as all Russian banks.

Legally, an electronic wallet (and electronic money) is just as legal of a payment method as a bank account, and just like at a bank, you can spend money both straight from ;your account (wallet) and from your YooMoney bank card.

Is your card real?

Yes, all YooMoney cards are prepaid bank cards, issued in accordance with the rules of the Mastercard international payment system. It's one of three types of cards provided by the Russian law (besides prepaid cards, there are also debit and credit cards). Learn more about the features and terms of use of our cards in the Help section.

Are there any prohibitions on the usage of a wallet?

Overall, anyone over the age of 14 can be a user of YooMoney. If you are younger, contact us: we will tell you how you can use YooMoney with your parents' permit.

Naturally, any illegal financial activity is prohibited: transactions that are somehow related to advocacy of violence; political finance, or pyramid schemes.

Besides that, a wallet can't be used for entrepreneurial activity. It would be an exception if you have a special tax mode: Tax on professional income.

You can find all the details in the Agreement, clause 4.21.

Can I use my wallet anonymously?

Yes, if you're not going to transfer money, pay outside of Russia, or spend more than 15,000 ₽ at once (but these are not all the restrictions). Learn more about limits, other restrictions, and identification methods in the Help section.

It's up to you to decide whether or not to complete identification. However, in some cases, we have a right to require it: for example, if a user is suspected to violate the rules of the Agreement.

Can I be sure you won't debit any money without me knowing?

Sometimes, it can happen. Here are a few examples when money can be debited without your participation:
— you set up an auto payment on the YooMoney website or in the app (for example, monthly auto payments for internet services),
— you bought a subscription or gave another service permission to charge money without any additional confirmation (for example, a Yandex.Plus subscription),
— you got into debt to YooMoney and added money to your wallet after that,
— the court made a decision to charge a certain amount from you.

All these cases are described in the Agreement, clause 5.6.8.

In other cases, transactions are processed only after your confirmation. The confirmation method (passwords, push authorization, or Touch ID) depends on how you make payments: using your wallet or card.

Can YooMoney block my wallet?

Yes, we can block all debit transactions if, for example:
— you asked the YooMoney support service to do it
— it's suspected that the wallet is being used illegally or the user is violating the rules of the Agreement,
— it's required by the competent state authorities (in cases stipulated by the law)

All these cases are described in the Agreement, clauses 4.15 — 4.20.

To find out how to unblock your wallet, contact our support service.

Is YooMoney a free service? Are there any commission fees?

Here are the most important things:

— You can create and use a wallet for free. However, if you don't use your wallet for two years in a row, you'll get a service see: 270 ₽ per month. Although, we won't charge more than you have in the wallet.

— We always display the information about the commission during the payment process, before you confirm it (as well as in the wallet history). Most payments in stores and tax payments can be made without commission.

— No commission for wallet-to-wallet transfers in the mobile app. 0.5% on the website and 3% + 45 ₽ for transfers to bank cards.

— The minimum price for servicing of a physical YooMoney card is 100 ₽ for the whole validity period. The servicing price for a YooCard is 199 ₽ for the whole period if delivered by post (the price can change: for example, in case of a promotion). Servicing of virtual cards is free.

— Fully identified users can withdraw up to 10,000 ₽ per month from the physical card (YooCard) without commission. After reaching ten thousand, it's 3% but not less than 100 ₽.

You can find more information about YooMoney's commissions in NBCO's program descriptions and in payment forms.

Credit organizations, mobile carriers, and other companies can charge additional commissions.

Will I be able to deactivate my wallet if I don't want to use it anymore?

Yes: there is the "I want to deactivate my wallet" link in the wallet settings. If you have less than 20 ₽ in your wallet, you just need to enter your password to confirm the deactivation.

If first you need to spend the remaining money or get other things done, the website will help you with that.

Where are your most important legal documents?

  User agreement

  Privacy policy