Physical Mir card from 399 

Pay once, and it'll be valid for 5 years

It'll earn you cashback in rubles and bonus points

Cash without commission: up to 10 000 /mon

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Contactless card for 0 ₽

To pay via your smartphone in one touch: at checkout or via courier's payment terminal. Get it for free in the YooMoney app for Android™.

Cashback in bonus points: up to 5%

Virtual Mir card for 0 ₽

Issued instantly and ready for use right away

Works online and offline: add the card to Mir Pay to pay offline at checkout and withdraw cash

Cashback up to 5% in bonus points and up to 30% in rubles from Mir's partners

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Pre-issued card

It works like a regular physical card, you also earn cashback in bonus points for purchases: up to 5% (if you enabled it)

A pre-issued card won't have your name on it but you don't have to wait for it: pick it up at one of YooMoney's offices.

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Multicurrency support

One package for all YooMoney cards: rubles + 10 currencies.Make payments or withdraw cash: the card will select the currency automatically