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IMPORTANT! Please read through the terms and conditions below before signing up with the Yandex.Money service.

You can create a Wallet and perform money transfers through Yandex.Money only under the specified conditions.

When you start a Wallet, you agree that the phone number you entered in the registration form will be linked with your Wallet, and we will send text message passwords to this number. You will get these text message passwords in the course of payments.
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Money Transfers Agreement

Agreement on General Terms and Conditions of the Yandex.Money service

Terms and Conditions of Yandex.Money's Customer Loyalty Program

Terms and Conditions of the Buyer Protection Service

Privacy Policy of NBCO Yandex.Money LLC

The Bank of Russia's notice Concerning Means of Electronic Payment

The Bank of Russia's notice Concerning Security Measures for Use of Bank Cards

General and Your Wallet Security

License for performing bank transactions

NBCO Yandex.Money LLC Banking Details


Limits: Restrictions on the Volume of Payments

Conditions of transferring

Information about payment methods and locations